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We need your help!

David took on Goliath...

Woje is taking on 3!

We are poised to create a financial revolution among solopreneurs and small/med local businesses, but it requires help. Come join us in altering the flow of money back to you. Do it even if it is only to be educated on curcumventing the flow loss in your own business. This is a "LIVE" Beta Test! Keep the money while you give us suggestions and feedback.

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Join Our Waiting List For Beta Testing Now:

The Woje 2.0 Beta Testing period is limited in numbers and time deadlines.

  • The Beta Test LAUNCH PARTY will be the evening of July 16th, so set your calenders.

  • Then it is off to the races to get you prepped to "Woje"!

    Training will be two to three hours, depending on the size of the Zoom meetings. 

  • To accomidate everyones schedule, trainings will be held twice per day, 2 to 4 days per week. These dates and times will be announce closer to launch day.

  • During training you'll receive contract terms, collection prevention intregration, along with finance training on the actual numbers, interest rate, etc. that is not only custom to your style of business, but personal to your finances.

    Our goal is to get you trained, confident and moving forward on your very first interest bearing invoice/contract using the Woje 2.0 Software.

  • At the Beta Launch of the Woje 2.0 Software you'll receive the link and access to input your first contract, and let the system work its magic.

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